About Ari Pregen

Ari Pregen:

Ari Pregen who resides in Miami, Florida, entered the world at the Mercy Hospital located in Coconut Grove in 1983. Throughout his life, he has always enjoyed hiking and the outdoors, and his passion developed while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Ari Pregen Childhood:

As a child, Ari was always outside. He enjoyed playing sports with his friends as often as he could and loved hanging out with his dearest buddy playing tennis or go-karting around the neighborhood.

Growing up, Ari Pregen saw his father as his hero. Not only was Ari’s father was  extremely involved with his life, but also brightened the community. Ari recalls that his father Dr. Pregen, was a pediatrician that the neighborhood adored.


Early Years:

During his pre-teen summers, Ari attended Camp Cedar in Maine. He attended until he was 12.  Pregen loved the chance to make new friends and explore the foreign territory. For high school, Ari Pregen attended Nova University school in Davie, Florida. He was an avid member of both the tennis team as well as the Mu Alpha Beta math honor society. Raphael Arechabaleta, a physics teacher at Nova University School has been a major source of inspiration to Ari.

Arechabaleta had studied Chemistry and Physics in Russia after arriving in the US on a raft. He was an immigrant from Cuba whose story inspired Pregen and who was close to his father.

College Years:

Pregen asserts that Colorodo was a college student’s wonderland. He loved the hike in the flatirons, where one could find a birds-eye view of the UC Boulder campus. Since he graduated from UC Boulder, Pregen attended St. Thomas University for law. While at St. Thomas, Ari Pregen worked as a clerk at personal injury firm.


Post Graduation:

After graduation, he worked for a foreclosure defense firm for about a year before feeling the need for a career change. He decided to take some inspiration from his uncle, a criminal defense attorney, and decided to take a job at the Miami Dade State office.

Since 2014, Ari Pregen has been working to open his own foreclosure and injury firm in his native state of Florida. He feels that he can do some good in Florida. Ari Pregen believes that since Florida is at the forefront of many social issues, he can help to protect the victims through his newest project in the law.